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Hello beautiful souls 👋🏻 I have been thinking more and more about reopening online orders, but have come to the realization that it’s not going to happen until this Fall. This hasn’t been an easy decision. I absolutely love you all and miss working on your orders. There have been many reasons for my decision. Below are a few. 1. Many of the small/medium businesses I purchase supplies from are having a hard time keeping up with inventory. And what I’m able to get is now taking weeks to come in when I used to be able to get supplies within a few days. 2. And this is a BIG ONE-We are approaching the summer months and during the warmer months it is more likely that your products (body butter, shave lotion, beard balm etc) can be effected by the extreme heat. With orders regularly being delayed across the country (even priority mail because they are prioritizing medical supplies and essential items, as they absolutely should) it is more likely that your products will arrive damaged from the heat rendering them useless. I care way to much about my customers and the quality of our products to knowingly allow this to happen. 3. Even if 1 and 2 weren’t an issue it just doesn’t feel right to me. Maybe I would feel another way if I were in another state, but with over 20,000 lives lost here in NY things just feel different and it doesn’t feel right for me. Please understand this is not an easy decision, but at the end of the day I have to go with my gut and what I feel in my heart is the right thing to do. Even if it kills me to admit what the “right thing” is. I appreciate your love, support and encouraging messages now more than ever. 💖 XO, Kathleen Owner/Founder/Maker

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