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Are You Detoxing Your Skin?

bath soak pink Himalayan salt self care

Good morning beauties!! I hope you’re all doing well. It’s a been a rainy and gloomy week here in upstate NY. Personally I LOVE rainy days. There is something so refreshing and cleansing about them. And rainy days always make me think of soaking in a warm bath. Which got me to thinking...when was the last time you detoxed your skin in a salt bath?


There are many benefits to soaking in a salt bath, especially a Pink Himalayan Salt Bath. Besides the fact that it’s incredibly relaxing and we can all use a “time out” now and then, it is very beneficial to overall skin health and wellness. Below are some of my top reasons why I think we all should be soaking. 

1) Relax and De-Stress

Soothing warm baths are one of life’s little pleasures. They help melt away the day’s worries and pressures, allowing you to switch off your mind and enjoy some peace. They’re also the perfect excuse to enjoy a glass of wine, or finish off that novel you started months ago!


2) Rich in Minerals 

Because Himalayan pink salt is so mineral rich, soaking in a solution of salt and water helps to instill the skin and body with minerals.


3) Detoxifying

Every day we are exposed to countless toxins – from our food, our air, our water and our personal care and household products. It’s estimated that we come into contact with anywhere between 700,000 and 2.1 million different toxic chemicals a day! When we bathe in a Himalayan pink salt solution, we help to pull some of these toxins out of our skin through a process called reverse osmosis.


4) Ease Aches and Pains

Those who suffer with painful arthritis, sore or pulled muscles, stiff joints or a variety of other aches and pains will benefit enormously from a Himalayan pink salt water bath.


5) Better Sleep

If you’re one of the 50+ million Americans who sufferfrom occasional or long-term sleep problems, you should give Himalayan pink salt baths a go. Because of their proven stress relieving and inflammation fighting abilities, a salt bath can help you relax and wind-down before bedtime.


6) Deep Cleansing

Salt has antibacterialand antiseptic properties making it a useful therapy for those with eczema, acne or psoriasis. The mineral content of a Himalayan salt bath can help maintain the protective barrier of the skin, while allowing it to hold in hydration – as is evidenced by the fact that your skin won’t wrinkle or prune after a salty dip. This is especially good news for those who avoid baths due to flaky or tight skin!


7) Increase Circulation

Have you ever experienced a ‘dead leg’, numbness of the limbs, a feeling of coldness in your extremities or one of these other warning signs of poor circulation? If so, a warm salt bath could be just what you need.


8) Disinfecting

It is a natural antiseptic/disinfectant. It's good for disinfecting acne-prone skin and will is known to kill acne causing bacteria.

Soak on lovelies! 






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