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Why Amber Glass?

A few people have asked about our decision to change our packaging so I wanted to share the importance and benefits of our new eco friendly amber glass packaging.

We have had many requests to switch to glass and it’s something I had been thinking about for a while. While doing some research I learned that a recent study from Environmental Health Perspective, scientists found over 70% of plastic leaches hormone-mimicking chemicals into the substance stored in the packaging.

These undesirable plastic byproducts can wreak havoc on the human body’s endocrine system – the part of the body responsible for balancing hormones – making them exceptionally problematic for women. This is why we use bpa free plastic for our lip balms and face wash (no glass options available for these products).


When you choose eco-friendly beauty products made with amber glass, you’re choosing products kind to the environment, and your health.

Another benefit that I found extremely important is amber glass bottles are ideal for ensuring we reap all the wonderful benefits from active botanical ingredients.

Just how the sun’s UV rays damage our skin if left unprotected, they also adversely affect the purity of our eco-friendly natural beauty products.

Not only does amber glass protect delicate, organic ingredients from photo damage, but, allows us to eliminate toxic, synthetic preservatives, like parabens.

And lastly, but just as important is that amber glass is 100% recyclable. Thank you for shopping small, vegan, cruelty free and eco friendly.




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