Summertime Beauty

Sunshine, fresh scents, gardens, wildflowers, sand and lots of no makeup days are what Summer's are summed up to! It is such an important time to nurture and protect your skin and switch your products up accordingly! I have a love hate relationship with summertime beauty care, because while I long to go makeup free always, my skin still breaks out and more so in the summer with red spots of irritation on my scars. While I am more confident now about the scars on my face, they still get me insecure. However my skin products that I choose, while they may not immediately change the appearance, it FEELS BETTER for it. That is an important aspect; it all FEELS good! 

My Favorite Summertime Beauty Products

*some are favorites every year and some are for this current summer!


Burt's Bees Tomato Garden Toner 



When my skin first started breaking out in cystic acne my mother bought this for me, because I have always had a love for the 'all natural ingredients' route over tons of chemicals. I haven't had it in a while but longed to test it out again, because it drastically helped my skin the first time. It smells fresh, like that earthy vegetable scent you get when you walk through a farmer's market or pick your own tomatoes. It is just a distinct scent! I am loving the results all over again and have been using it mostly mid-afternoon to get rid of dirt and sweat, after being outside for several hours.


Mary Kay Time Wise Moisturizer 


This moisturizer has been refreshing my skin and making it feel softer than ever before! Mary Kay has a really impressive line, all of which is trademarked and not allowed to be copied by anyone, plus it was started by a women entrepreneur who needed to take care of her family as a single mom! It is honestly an incredible back story. I have been using it morning and night and I am feeling such a difference even in coloration of my skin! Also be sure to share on your neck when you moisturize, I feel too many people leave that out! 



Hippie Dreams Essential Oil Roller 



This is by far my favorite essential oil roller!  The citrus of lemon oil with lavender and vanilla create this amazing, refreshing combination that is so hard to describe other than yummy and perfect for summer! It is a great essential oil blend that you wont be finding anywhere else! I use mine every morning and night!


Lemoncake Body Scrub


A lemon rolled in sugar! This smells so good  really  to just eat it! It has a combination of lemon and apricot oils. It is perfect to scrub away all the dead skin in between tanning or being in the sun, as well as encourage new cell growth in your skin! I have been using it almost every time I shower just because I love the way it smells! Definitely an all time favorite now!


Coconut Curl Cream


If you have curly hair of any type, frizz, waves, soft or intense curls I would suggest using this! It is the only thing that dries well with my hair and doesn't make it crunchy or still frizzy. This is a favorite of mine that I often come back to. You can also get it in a round container as a leave in conditioner/body butter too, but they both are essentially the same thing. I also bring it with me for after I go swimming in a pool or the ocean, to re-hydrate it right after. If you have straight hair naturally try putting a bit of this and With Love by Km's Dead Sea Salt Hair Mist for some great beach hair! 



So with the help of fresh scents and deep moisture from these products, I FEEL more confident in my skin to take on no make up days.


Live Naturally Beautiful All Summer Long!



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