Stress Free Tips for 2019

Happy New Year! Let us make this a year we all shine, bloom and grow! Usually I don't feel the stress of a new year over me for a while but this year it is already starting in bills; not a fun way to start off a new exciting adventure at all! Now is a time kids are heading back to the dreading school buildings, and some of us back to work. And for the unfortunate few who have still been working this whole time, nothing feels different. Maybe you have a list of resolutions, things you want to change or goals and visions for the way you want the year to feel and go. Whichever way you are leaning, staying stress free, peaceful and calm about those things are highly important in tackling them and turning them into a reality. We already carry so much stress with daily life, like I said about bills, so finding good stress relief will also help you in those areas. You want to remain as stress free this year in order to keep your VISIONS CLEAR and your mind CLEAR to ENVISION them. 

Plus who just doesn't want a bunch of clouded stress over their heads anymore? I thought so, me too!

Here are some things I am working on to put into more of a daily practice or as many times a week I can to help me feeling clear of that clouded stress. 

Using more Essential Oils

For me this was something that I did almost every morning and night this past year and it really did help! It was the ritual of using them as well as the actual benefits of using certain oils on pressure points that helped me feel a bit more relaxed. And guess what? With Love by KM has the best unique blends all around! 

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Yoga/Any form of exercise

You can really do any physical fitness that brings your mind a sense of clarity, even if it is just going outside for a quick walk in fresh air. It isn't something that should be ignored. It is healthier for your mind and body. I love doing a light yoga routine in the mornings, you literally only need 15 to 20 minutes for a sun salutation flow. 

A great local place to get your yoga in you weeks is Little Blueberryy studio, which will be opening soon this year with their own studio! You can catch her other classes by following her on Facebook. 

Another local spot is Breathe Studio in Rhinebeck, which has barre classes as well as some yoga and Pilates! 


Whether on your phone or a planner, having a spot to put everything is super helpful to organize your thoughts and dates. I say using a planner and a journal together because they will hold two different things, but initially help you organize what you carry upstairs all day. 


2018 was the year of self care and awareness.Anyone and everyone touched on it, what it means to them and why you should partake. So by now you should have all this knowledge and have figured out your best self care. Enter 2019 ready to kick it in the butt with self care and know exactly when you need it, prior, to keep yourself stress free, loved and whole!

Maybe you can take a chapter from this post, some inspiration to push yourself and be better at stress management too! Remember that finding these things local in your community is your best bet and supporting small online businesses!



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