Stocking Stuffers

It is that time of year again! The weather gets cold and crisp, the smell of wood fires in the air with a hint of snow lingering and possibly on its way! Decorations go up; lights, trees, candles, silver and gold ornaments, door wreaths and more! Holiday season is among us, as well as the spirit of gift giving to all! There is nothing like watching someone open up a gift you picked out and specially wrapped for them! One of my favorite things as a little girl was getting tiny packages in a Christmas stocking, because the best gifts are always the ones in tiny packages!! So this year buy your children, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and friends tiny gifts that mean so much to them! What makes them even more precious is that they are all locally handmade, so you can support your local businesses, to give the gift that keeps giving!!

A to Z  Candles

Candles have a way of warming the house and filling it with delicious scents of candy canes, mint, and leave you feeling cozy and excited to be snowed in for the day. They're also incredibly relaxing if you are able to leave  around your house lit, without children or small animals to knock them over! It's a great gift for anyone and A to Z has these adorable minis perfect for stockings! They pack a powerful scent and will last a while even for such a small size. They come in ounces of other sizes if you know someone will want more than just a sampler size! I've burning my candles everyday now in the evening and it's super theraputic as well! 

Little Blueberryy

"You're Gold Baby, Solid Gold"  A gorgeous hand-stamped bracelet, perfect to give anyone for a little motivation and love! Every holiday season is a time for "silver and gold" and Little Blueberryy's jewelry is perfect for sharing these colors with your loved ones! Hand-stamped bracelets come in Brass, Aluminum or Copper and there are a variety of sayings so you are bound to find something for the person in your life that you think deserves all the silver and gold! Crystal necklaces that are one of a kind are the perfect gift for the boss babe in your life that loves unique jewelry! Everything is also lightweight so you feel comfortable wearing whatever you buy all day long, which is perfect as the gift giver knowing that you're loved one will wear it all day long!


With Love by KM

Skincare products are always a great go to gift grab for people, especially if you have a ton of people to buy for. You can easily buy based off of scent, if you know what they will like! Then even narrow it down to what you know they love more, whether it is taking baths, if they like body scrubs or even body butter! There are some wonderful holiday scents like mint and peppermint, candy cane and winter forest! Give the gift of pampering oneself! These gifts will tell the person you bought them for, that you know they deserve the best, to be pampered and relax! Everything smells heavenly, which I always say but it's true! And whatever you use, you're skin will feel extremely soft from the essential oils used!


Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Day Lovelies!



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