Smudging and Crystals

We briefly had a special for Valentine's where you could get rose quartz and white sage with your special Goddess Box. Our Zen box also has something similar but with a piece of amethyst. These are perfect for creating a calming space and relaxation, especially on Valentine's Day or Night, whether you are spending it alone for some connecting self love or with someone else to share!



Sage is a ceremonial herb that when you burn it, you are clearing your space. You could be clearing it from negative energy, from someone who was just in your home, a new space you are in, and to help calm and cleanse your own aura. White sage is also known as sacred sage, based on where it grew and the ceremonies and cultures that used sage and smudged, so please do not go out and buy any from a retail store just because it is cheap. It ends up ruining the sacred aspect of it and you can get affordable white sage from so many local or online crystal shops where you know you can trust the source.

Sage makes a great alternative to burning candles or incense as well! 



Amethyst is a powerful crystal and it is one of my favorites; I am constantly drawn to it. Small pieces, large chunks, tumbled, crystallized, or raw, they all make a great place to start with your own crystal collection. Amethyst is your crown chakra crystal, perfect for meditation, protection and turning energy into love. It is known as the sobriety stone too. Also incredible to ground your mind during meditation, by placing on the top of your head, or holding in your receiving hand, if you are unsure how to take action because of your emotions. I have found that it always grounds me and have several pieces by my bed and that I wear as a necklace as well.

Rose Quartz

The love stone; self love, mothering love, love unto others friends and enemies. It is a sleep stones, that helps calm your mind and open your heart. Perfect to sleep with a raw chunk next to your bed, under your pillow or over your heart. It helps heal heart wounds as well. I personally found this stone incredibly helpful when I was going through a rough and painful time. I spent everyday for 30 mins meditating with rose quartz, placing it over my heart chakra or my receiving hand. I also keep several pieces by my bed at night. Sometimes I reach over and hold it while I sleep to help calm my mind a bit more. 


Both of these are great crystals to start with. I recently read Change Your Energy: Healing crystals for health, wealth, love and life by Krista N. Mitchell and in it she writes how not every crystal will give us the same energy as it does to others. It is a very personal experience, so keep that in mind when you start your work with crystals, you may not feel connected to it. Also take that sage and smudge your crystals first! Always clean your crystals before you use then when you first get them because they have all this energy from other people, being handled, packaged, shipped and they need a bit of care. Then to connect with it hold your crystal in your receiving hand for at least 5 to 10 minutes for it to see your energy and connect. This is also a great way to recharge your own self! 


Hopefully this helps you out some, do check out that book as well if you are just starting or have been working with crystals. I found it so helpful and it gave a new look into working with crystals and the different ways to combine them for your needed outcome!







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  • Love your post! The healing spirit of the rose quartz heals the wounds and teaches you to accept new love and rebuild trust once more.

    Kendra Howard

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