Skincare Routine On A Budget

Having a skincare routine is so important for the health of your skin. First you will need to know your skin, is it dry, oily or in between or does it differ with the seasons. Then know the type of products you will need for those types of skin. For dryer skin whether all year round or winter, you will want rich feeding products that will quench your thirsty skin. Even those with oily skin, in the winter should have these deep moisturizing  products. However everyone should use makeup remover, face wash, toner, moisturizer, a facial scrub, and sunscreen. 

You will also have to be disciplined. I know how easy it can be to just fall asleep in your makeup or to only take it off but not actually wash your wash. You will thank yourself and so will your skin if you just take a few minutes before bed to cleanse and moisturize.

Affording all of these does not have to be expensive! To buy each on a budget I find it easiest by buying according to importance each week. Also keeping in mind what you currently have and how much is left, to help determine what is needed more in replacing, because you don't need to buy everything at once. Here is a mock up of  week by week purchases you can use to help guide you:

week 1:  Face wash and Moisturizer

week 2: facial sunscreen and toner

week 3: makeup remover

week 4:  facial scrub 

Each of these products seem like a lot and it can get pricey but that also depends on what brand you are buying. All of our products are affordable, some can even double up as multi-use products and we have free shipping in the US! As our tag line states, "life is complicated your skincare routine shouldn't be," because you should be able to afford skincare products, that are good, that are cruelty free, vegan and products that you know what are in them. 


Face wash

Our face wash is only $7.00 and it lasts for about a month! You only need one good pump of it with a bit of water and it works it's magic! I used to think you needed several different face washes to switch up and use one in the morning and one at night, but that is too much! It was costly even for spending only a couple bucks on a face wash because then I would always have to replace them both around the same time and I thought I had to have both. You don't! This foaming face wash was made for all types of skin, and it is a huge favorite for customers!


Makeup remover

We don't currently sell makeup remover, however something that I love using is coconut oil and I take it all off with baby wipes. Coconut oil may seem like a lot at first, but for the amount you get for your money it is actually better, especially if you are only using it for makeup remover. It is also just as convenient to get if you do buy it for cooking purposes, because then you will always have some around. Usually you buy a small thing of makeup remover and cotton rounds to take it off and that gets expensive. You end up having to buy and replace those almost every week if you are wearing makeup everyday.  Here is a super cheap one from wal-mart, I guess it depends where you shop and what you look for in your products.

You can also use apply the coconut oil to your face and then use our foaming face wash to completely remove everything. I just use baby wipes since I always have those on hand anyways!


Our body butters come in several sizes and they are all affordable, they are deep and rich in oils and moisturizing and can also double up as a moisturizer for your face! I have used them several times, especially in between buying products and waiting to replace the moisturizer I usually get.

You can get a 2 oz for $8, 4 oz for $15 and 8 oz for $25 

You have the option to get an unscented body butter or one with a scent from our collection!

A great vegan and cruelty free skincare brand that sells great moisturizers that I swear by is Pacifica they are a bit more but you really only need a small dot of it, which will help make it last for almost a month!



Our morning mist is a great toner to use every morning after washing your face, to add a bit more moisture into your skin quickly before using a moisturizer. It lasts for just over a month, or almost a month it just depends on how often you use it. It is a great refresher spray to use even over makeup, about mid day to re brighten your skin! We also have essential oil mists where you can pick what essential oil you want. It is more of a body spray but you can use it as a toner as well! It comes in the same size bottle so it will last the same as the morning mist. 

Toners can get pricey if you venture into a lot of name brands, which is why I love using these because I also then know what I am using. Another great toner, if you're handy and like making your own products, is rose water. I take rose petals from my garden just before they start to wilt. I clean them and then simmer them down for 30 minutes in a pot of water. I put it in an old spray bottle from my previous morning mist to re purpose the bottle! You can find tons of recipes on different ways to make your own rose water, but it is also a great cheap alternative!


Hopefully by now we all know the importance of sunscreen use all year round. Now some find it convenient or no difference in using moisturizer with added sunscreen. For me there is a difference I noticed massively when I started using a separate sunscreen for my face. Yes it is an added price and it is probably a more expensive item you'll be buying out of this list but it is also a crucial one. I found that without it I was getting lots acne spots and the current ones got worse. Once I started using a sunscreen it helped lighten current ones and protect my skin from future ones. 

I have used Neutrogena  and store brands, but the best I have used by far is Bare Republic, a cruelty free and vegan sunscreen that feels like silk. It is a mineral based sunscreen and also adds another layer of moisture. 

For overall use we do sell an after sunscreen lotion stick, to apply to your skin to refresh, heal, and moisture after spending time in the sun.


Facial Scrub

We offer a wide range of different body scrubs that are used all over: lips, face, legs, feet, hands. They all have a sugar base and essential oils added. You can get them in two different sizes, the smallest being 4 oz for $15. A bit on the higher side of this list as well, but you don't need a lot of it and you should only be using it about once a week for your face, over exfoliating isn't good. 

Another option is making your own, which is super easy for a simple one: sugar, salt and a dash of olive oil or coconut oil depending on what you buy for the house. I will make a small amount of this if I cant buy a scrub because these are things I keep in home already! 


You shouldn't have to forgo products because you think you cannot afford them or because you think you don't need them. With love by KM is made for everyone, so everyone can use them, everyone can afford them, even on a budget!

I hope this has helped anyone who was uncertain about a routine on a budget and if you have any questions comment below!




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