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One of your most loved products you guys can't get enough of is the foaming face wash! Let's be honest we can't either! It foams to perfection, leaves our skin feeling fresh, bright and soft. It's made from distilled water, castile soap, apricot oil, lavender essential oil and orange essential oil!  Our focus is going to be one specific ingredient in the castile soap; Rosemary Extract! This is also a main ingredient in our foaming hand soap!


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While rosemary extract has many internal benefits just as external, we will just explore some of the external properties of this extract, because no one will be (hopefully) ingesting this face wash. We don't see it often in many skincare products but it honestly is great for many skin conditions. It can help with eczema, acne and oily skin, it is great for a toner to help with dry and flaky skin, and it can offer a healthy glow to your skin when used with some moisturizers or even as a main ingredient in your moisturizers, whether homemade or not. 


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Rosemary extract is beneficial for treating acne, if you use it in parts with other topical oil bases such as argan oil or coconut oil. You can also take rosemary oil on a cotton round and wipe on your freshly washed face, with our own foaming face wash if you haven't tried it yet, before moisturizing to allow it to penetrate your pores and help heal, restore and glow up your skin routine! 

Calming, restorative and relaxing; both your skin and your mind. My favorite thing about using products with ingredients such as rosemary extract is it also acts as aromatherapy while treating my skin, with all natural products that I know will work! 

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