Re-Purposing Your Containers

I decided to save my bath soak containers after I quickly used it up in a couple nights because ti just felt wasteful if I were to throw something out that held the bath soak that was just made and given to me. Since I keeping getting Kathleen's amazing soaks and body butters, because who wouldn't honestly, and i would just feel too guilty throwing out a perfectly good container. 

I tend to save a lot of small containers that can easily be reused as something else, I always have, even growing up I would save the tin cans my tea came in to hold whatever in my room. 

Re-purposing containers can be more environmentally friendly as opposed to recycling especially when it comes to plastics that take years to breakdown. 

I brainstormed with a little help from Kathleen to give you guys several was you can re-purpose your bath soak and body lotion containers!! So with my accumulated containers and more that will come, here are our ideas!:

 Fake Succulent Planters 

You can either leave the label on or take it off with some warm soapy water, I took them off for this little planter idea. I took several stones I had around my house, you could even just grab a couple from your yard, buy some, use sand or fake dirt. You can get little fake succulents basically everywhere now, this one is from Michael's. There perfect especially now for a little green in your house during winter!

For Travel: Change or Jewelry

They're the perfect size for carrying around extra change so it doesn't accidentally fall our of your wallet or make your wallet too bulky. Especially if you are going somewhere where you will need the extra change, for tolls or parking meters. They are also just as great for travel to carry around some extra jewelry pieces you want to bring with you. I always would either not bring any extra or would put it all in a small tote bag, but that is just more of a way for things to possibly break or get tangled. 

Desktop: Tacks

Another great idea is to use them for organization at your desk. You can use them to hold tacks, paper clips, rubber bands, or even for crafting use them for pins or sewing needles. 


There are so many ways you can reuse or re-purpose containers and these are just a small couple that are easy and something most of us would benefit from! 

I hope this provides a bit of inspiration and help when it comes to re-purposing your own With Love by KM containers or maybe any others you have that are about to be empty of what you originally bought!

Let's limit waste!



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