Reasons for Self-Care

We are living in a world that is consumed by the idea of self care. Some chalk it up to be used as an excuse to over buy things they want, and some really need self care in its rawest form of hygienic practices such as taking a shower. It is a term that is interpreted differently for each individual. Self care SHOULD be about taking care of yourself, knowing your worth, becoming self aware and being mentally and physically healthy. Self care is self love, it is a form of activism, self car is self awareness and self care is how you make it. 

 Here is a list of just a few reasons for taking self care seriously:

Keep yourself from burning out- 

Burning out can be extremely dangerous. It can bring on depression, lack of energy, loss of sharpness in thinking and lack of interest. This can in turn cause many problems, especially depending on your job. One big example is being a truck driver, burning out from the stress of the long hours on the road and falling asleep at the wheel. (book, Curtis, Manning)

Start your self awareness journey-

When you are learning to love yourself, because it is a work in progress, you are allowing yourself to be aware. You are aware of the importance of loving yourself, in order to love others and allow their love to come in too. Self awareness is beautiful and freeing, it can become negative in some ways, but that is all apart of your personal self-loving and self care journey. "Increased awareness is very powerful," Im said. "The other piece, in some ways we're constantly bombarded in self-absorption." (awareness article).

"Self-care includes getting to know yourself well enough to be aware of when you need external help. This is an ongoing, shifting process..." (activist article) 

Self Care is Self Love-

 "... Self-care alone is not enough. You need to have self-awareness too. Self-care plus self-awareness equals self-love." (awareness article). When you love someone, you tend to do as much as you can to take care of them in any way possible. We should be loving ourselves enough to want to take care of ourselves. I firmly believe that in order to help take care of others you need to take car of yourself, just as in order for someone to love you the way you need and want them to, you must love yourself. 

Don't make it an excuse-

I have seen this many times, mostly as a label to "treat yourself,"  which no isn't a bad thing, but it tends to overshadow the importance of what self care should be and is for many. Self care isn't about being the one and only, it isn't about getting that one cup of coffee as a treat because you earned it, it is about a longer satisfaction of happiness. Self care is extremely important, I think that it is twisted into different terms and definitions a lot of times. It shouldn't be an excuse to spend money but rather a reason for making yourself healthy and happy. 


There are tons more articles on the topic, even lists on ways to treat yourself and self care tips. Usually lists that share products they wants you to buy, and some that are lifestyle orientated that cost nothing and are just ways to help you.

Some of my own things I do for self care are:

  • pray
  • meditate
  • yoga
  • eat
  • drink water
  • take a bath after everyone has gone to bed after a long day of work/school/ being a mom
  • laughter
  • use of essential oils
  • writing A LOT

The important thing is for each person to find what works for them, being attuned to yourself and what you need in that moment. The beauty of a lot of these things are that you can do them anywhere. I can pray whenever and where ever, stay hydrated and eating are important specifically from keeping one from burning out and being physically tired. 

I suggest start by making a couple lists:

-what you like doing

-things you know relax you

even jot down the occurrences of when something is stressing you out, writing things out can help you start to be aware of why you feel the way you do. 

 You can start your self car, self love and self awareness journey now!









Self Care is Activism 


 Not an Excuse




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