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We all have a lot of common household ingredients that a lot of us just like to keep in our refrigerator or cabinets, that are actually super beneficial for our skin! Some of which that are really hard to get in any product online or in store because it needs to be fresh to use it! Keep in mind that all our skin is different so some of these things may actually irritate your skin more or make your skin affliction worse. 

Olive Oil

Works as a great exfoliator, moisturizer and natural antioxidant to help fight aging!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Dilute with water first always! Great for acne and spot treatments, plus restores your natural ph!


Excellent exfoliator, also is a natural humectant, which means it will help draw moisture from your environment and lock it into your skin!

Sea Salt

Super absorbent; soaks up the toxins and acne bacteria from your skin, plus has tons of great minerals! 


Packed with Vitamin C, keeps your skin even toned, closes and tightens your pores for smoother skin. Always dilute lemon juice as well! Too much and straight juice can cause hyper-pigmentation, especially if you are not over active about applying facial sunscreen every morning-on top of what is in your skin tint/moisturizer/foundation.


Anti-inflammatory and paired with honey makes for a great and easy mask that can help reduce redness!


Brown Sugar

Great substitute for sugar scrubs for those with sensitive skin. Does a more gentle job at exfoliating than white sugar. 

Green Tea

Anti-inflammatory, protects your skin from UV rays and works wonders on those dark puffy eyes! Just brew two tea bags, let them cool slightly and place the tea bags over your eyes! Also does great things internally too, so drink your tea while you rest with those tea bags over your eyes! I used to do this every other morning in high school (I would only get about 3 hours of sleep yikes! Helped reduced the puffiness and even the insane dark circles I had since birth. I always looked like I got punched in the face). 


We actually have a whole post dedicated to the wonders of coffee in skincare! Read it here!

Warm Water

DRINK! Drinking warm water is actually better for you than cold, more like room temperature water. You do not need to actually warm it up. Staying hydrated with water over any other fluids will help with your skins elasticity which is better for looking youthful in the long run! It helps remove toxins that would other wise cause acne. Use it to rinse off your face as well, you do not want to shock your skin with water that is too extreme on either spectrum-hot or cold. When making your own toners warm water is a great base to mix everything together in. As well as, using warm water with your diy scrubs to mix in your palms before applying the scrub to your face. This was it is easier to move around your skin and you wont be tearing at it and making it all red. 

I am sure there are some more ingredients that are considered household that I am missing and some that may only be household to your home, like matcha. 

With these things you can create your own diy masks, scrubs, and toners which sometimes are the things we don't remember to buy or include regularly in our skincare routine. It makes it so much easier knowing you can use these things in a pinch that you keep in your home, that will help aid your skin and glow to its best!

A great tip for DIY save your containers from the scrubs, bath soaks and mist bottles to be able to concoct your own when you need it! It is a money saver and a skin saver! 

My Favorite Facial Scrub DIY:

Several drops of olive oil

Half sugar (white or brown) and half salt

Mix it together thoroughly in a recycled body scrub container from With Love by Km. Stores well for a couple weeks, only makes enough for a couple uses at a time, not a full container. Just use a bit of warm water in your palms to soften the sugar and salt, since it will harden a bit over the course of a couple days. Then scrub your pretty little face and lips. Rinse off, pat dry. Feel how moisturized and soft your skin looks and feels! Use Morning Facial Toner and moisturizer right after and do not forget that sunscreen! You will be glowing in no time natural beauty! 



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