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With Love by KM has been putting out new scents for her products and there are so many more to come over this summer, along with the exciting news of widening the men's collection and a couple new products being listed!! 

From the moment that I first started using her products, I knew I wouldn't be using much of anything else for all my skincare necessities. I have been able to try and use most of her line and before any more new scents are added, I thought I would share some of my favorite old and new products that I am in love with!!

Anything with Green Tea grabs my attention because it is so good for inflamed skin which is a problem I used to have. That makes the Morning Face Mist a MUST in my morning routine. I also love using it throughout the day as a refresher when my skin starts to feel yucky after long days of chores, working or running errands. There are also Essential Oil Mists available with your choice of essential oils from her range of products. I loved the Lavender face mist just as much and used it to refresh my skin, spray on my pillow at night and even around my space before meditating! 


Essential oil rollers have become a normal part of my routine for months now. I use it on my wrists, behind my ears and sometimes my stomach: first thing in the morning, before meditation and before bed or even to help with my anxiety. I use them so much my two year old now wants some whenever I use it, and knows exactly where to apply it!! The newest to With Love by KM essential oil rollers is Hippie Dreams! It has made me love that blend even more, and I now specifically use it during meditation. 



One of the newest scents to Kathleen's line is Pink Lemonade, which is made with shea butter, coconut oil, apricot oil, beet root extract, lemon essential oil and candella wax. The mix of apricot and lemon oils create a very sweet, delicate scent. It is so perfect for summer! It is my new favorite scent and lip balm! *You can also get lip kits that came with the balm and the same scented lip scrub!!


My family and I have been searching for an amazing hand soap for a bit now. We are quite picky with stuff like that, and if you are the type of person that likes buying all natural house cleaner you will want to ditch your Meyers hand soap for With Love by KM's Lemongrass Hand soap! It;s very refreshing, foaming, soft and clean smelling you'll want an excuse to wash your hands! Our house loves this soap!! It is pretty new to the product list but has been in the works for a while so it is amazing to see it, use it and appreciate it!


Some of my other favorite blends that With Love by KM has created are Mint and Match, Lavender and Mint and Rose and Mint.....I like mint!! Hahaha Along with the Lemon Cake sent that smells like every lemon tart dessert! 

There are so many to choose from, and none of them will disappoint!

Feel free to comment what some of your favorites are!



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