Pregnancy Skincare Must Haves

This one is for the mamas, for those that are currently pregnant, trying to get pregnant or want to save some information for later when the time comes. I am making this a bit more of a personal post because I have had such different contrasts in my skin with both my pregnancies and skincare while pregnant is not something that I have seen really touched on. Now is the perfect time to toss your old products, to stop using any harsh chemicals and make that switch to all natural beauty! The chemical makeup of your skin, specifically your face, changes while you are pregnant, some for the worse and others for the better. Everything you used before may not be helpful and instead cause some harm. With my first pregnancy my skin evened out and was flawless. I had no breakouts, my scars started to clear quickly. I did still use some chemical based products then and a very light chemical peel, which is so not recommended to anyone who is pregnant especially if it is super invasion. I lucked out and it didn't really do much, because it was such a light peel. This time around my skin is somewhere in between. I get breakouts and my spots and scars have gotten darker than they were prior. So I keep what I put on my face very gentle and as all natural as possible.

1. Foaming Face Wash

Get With Love by KM's face wash, even if you aren't in this stage of your life. I have never used a more loving, gentle cleanser. I have tried several from large brands that are also cruelty free and vegan and they really do not compare! It is so gentle on your skin too, so whether you are breaking out or not, it will kiss you! The all natural ingredients in this are not harsh, which is something to avoid while pregnant. Look for things that have as little chemicals listed, names you can pronounce and as little ingredients listed.


2. Moisturizer-Vitamin E Oil

I got myself a small, cruelty free brand of vitamin e oil to use all over, from Marshall's. I use it on my hair, my belly, breasts, thighs and face! It helps with dry hair, scarring, stretch marks and dark spots! It is so perfect too for those that already have some stretch marks to nourish those during pregnancy, to help keep them just as stretchy, youthful and prevent them from getting worse. I got stretch marks all over, minus my stomach first time around, lucky me. This time I am making sure to target those areas like my butt so they do not get more irritated. 


3. Sunscreen

Always use sunscreen, does not even matter if you aren't pregnant. I have shared this brand countless times and will continue to do so. It really is the best sunscreen! It is even listed on 40 Aprons, best safe sunscreen during pregnancy list! I always relied on sunscreen that was added into my makeup and didn't use a separate one. I got such terrible spots from not doing that. As soon as I started adding a separate sunscreen, they lightened and kept my breakouts at bay too! 


4. Belly Butter

There are so many brands out there and the most common one that I have seen advertised is Palmer's but I found that it didn't really work and so many mom's agreed with me! I found that coconut oil worked amazingly the first time and it even helped even the tone and lighten the stretch marks I did get on my butt and thighs. This time however it made my skin more itchy and spotty! Totally weird, but pregnancy really does change your body in that way! I decided for a mixture of different oils in a cream and have been loving Burt's Bees Mama Bee belly butter. It is a water base with sunflower oil, jojoba, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and soybean oil. I use this and the vitamin e oil alternatively. It smells amazing, even though it is unscented, it smells fresh! It is decently thick in application which is great because then you get to really massage it in, penetrating those pores! 


I really am keeping it super simple, not a lot of makeup, or perfumes. Everything that soaks in your skin especially when applying it close to your belly and baby, it is best to keep it as non toxic and kind as possible!

Let us know if there were any products you felt you couldn't live without during one of your pregnancies! 




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