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Other Side of the Highlight Reel: BTS Spring Shoot

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We had another incredible shoot and I had the pleasure of capturing some great behind the scenes of all the ladies involved! If you haven't read out previous BTS from last summer, you should!

This spring shoot was all about girl power, supporting your friend, hanging out and sharing the best skincare brand with each other! With Love by KM loves using and showing support of real women and at real locations that are local to further our local brand, local love and view of natural beauty! 


The Saugerties Lighthouse was the location of choice; while it was chilly, we all had a blast, and the sun was shining!


Marlo, our amazing photographer joined us once again with Madison and a few new ladies! 


It is always fun to do a BTS shoot. I love the aspect of getting photos of everyone working, the communication, location shots and scenery. The parts that most people miss, and even ourselves while working forget to look at, at times, so they serve as reminders of the whole day and not just the finished look. There is a big movement happening on social media lately about only sharing the highlight reel of one's life and the edited photos that are made up after a photo-shoot for online stores. Sharing some BTS photos I think can help break that image of perfection. While it may not capture the cold and numb fingers, it does capture what is happening not just in front of the lens, but behind it too, literally. 

At With Love by KM, we do not Photoshop, we don't heavily edit images to the point where the person is unrecognizable because that would go against our natural beauty view. Which is why we use real people as models and real locations. These women are real, they are customers and friends, including myself. So while so many have a massive difference in highlight reel and real life, you can count that With Love by KM is transparent, we show what is real, and we just emphasize natural beauty!


Hopefully this brings to light a bit of the honest and not so drastic side to a highlight reel. That everything you see online may not always be real, but brands like ours, you can trust to be real and share that!



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