Multi-Use Products

 We want you guys to get the most out of your products and realize that not everyone is aware of the multi-use some With Love by KM products have! I was inspired by a Glossier tweet that was asking what their customers favorite double uses and hacks for their products are, and I know that With Love by KM has a few too! Some are pretty obvious, some many of you may already do, but here it is to serve as a reminder. As well as for newer customers! Here is what Kathleen and I came up with!


Beard Balm:


Not only is this beard balm amazing (just ask my husband) for your beard, but it also can serve as the multi-use of an aftershave balm!! No need to discard your beard balm once you shave it away, continue using up your favorite scented balm!


Coffee Scrub:


This scrub is a favorite, no better way to wake up than with a cup of coffee in your belly and on your face! You can enjoy your cup in the morning while also using this scrub as a mask! Soak in all that caffeine at the same time and really wake yourself up!!

This scrub will work best as a mask over the others! 


Essential Oil Rollers:


I love using mine every day, I have a "Breathe Easy" and "Calm down" which I have used up quickly because I have been wearing them everyday! I no longer use body spray or perfume, just a bit of essential oils on my wrists and neck. I even got my son in on wanting to wear it everyday!! 


Body Butter: 


You can use your body butter as a moisturizer for your face as well! This one I would say use with caution because the skin on your face is more sensitive so it also depends on what body butters you have and what oils are in them, as well as if you have a skin condition such as rosacea. Some customer's do use it as a moisturizer and I have been at night time because I haven't gotten to the store to replace mine. I would say use at night if you are going to since the body butters are heavy and whipped, your skin will absorb it better over night rather than during the day. 


Bath Soak:


-featured, NEW Coconut Milk Bath Soak!!

This may seem a bit obvious as well, but you can use your bath soaks just for your feet! So if you need to just soak your feet to scrub away any dead skin, this will be perfect. Get a hot bucket of water put a bit of soak in and relax with a book until your toes get prune-y!


Body Scrub:



The body scrub is meant for your WHOLE body, but specifically with the weather lately you made need a bit of exfoliation done on your lips!  Take a small portion of scrub in one had that is dry and wet your opposite hand a bit, mix together and apply!

Hope you guys try some of these out and don't hesitate to ask or share about other uses with Kathleen on the store's Instagram!!-> With Love by KM 



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