Magic of May

I have been loving the magic of the Earth, everything turning bright green, waking up each morning to see how much taller my plants have grown just over night and the abundance of wild violets and dandelions in my yard. The things that are unseen in progress are magical to me. I love that we know with faith that plants grow, we know from science how they grow and what they need, but we do not ever see it literally happening inch by inch. Instead we see intervals of plant growth over the course of days!! One night we go to bed without anything bloomed to wake up and see that everything has! How could that not be magical?! 

With all this magic I wanted to make something from it and found a recipe for violet and dandelion lemonade! So I collected a bunch of each, washed them and took the flowers from their stems. I used a glass bottle, but mason jars work well too; I filled it with violets and dandelions about half way. Then I used 1 lemon and 1 lime because that is what I had! Juice them and then cut u the rind and put it all in the bottle with the flowers. Then just fill it up with water and then out in the sun, like sun tea! 


I left mine out for a day then in the refrigerator for 2. You can leave it out in the sun for up to 2 days. Then drain the rind, violets and dandelions from your magical lemonade!!

The end result is a bit of a bitter floral taste, so add a bit of honey unless you love the bitterness! It also becomes this magical pink color! I love making things, eating and finding use from everything that you possibly can find in your garden or yard. We spend all this time working in our gardens for spring, taking time to plant, nourish the Earth and gain healing through it. Being able to then eat and drink back from the Earth really completes this magical cycle called the circle of life. 


Violet-Dandelion Lemonade


1. Fill ½ Gallon mason jar ½ way with dandelions and violet flowers.

2. Add the juice and rind of 2-3 lemons. 

3. Fill to the very top with water and cap tightly. 

4. Let steep in sunny location for a day like you would sun tea. 

5. Strain through cheese cloth or muslin(squeeze all the moisture out of your flowers)

6. Add honey to suit your taste

Let us know if you decide to make it!!



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