Live Naturally Beautiful

Natural is beauty.

With Love by KM's goal is for us all to live beautifully natural. I kept thinking more and more about this; how does this apply to more than just skincare? 

Kathleen, owner of With Love by KM says, that to her  " Natural Beauty is the way we feel when we are ourselves. That feeling we have when we get out of the shower and our skin is soft and we smell fabulous! It's the way we put on our favorite outfit and accessories after that. It's that moment of self confidence and self love that is the most beautiful to me." 

Choosing to live naturally beautiful is a mindset, it is about feeling empowered in your skin by knowing exactly what you are wearing, using and the benefits. We have everything we need in existence in natural forms. It is about building a confidence to embrace your flaws and natural beauty without chemicals and tons of makeup. 

Living this way has become not only a mindset but a philosophy and life style change. To feel connected, bright, and powerful in your skin and in your life is a confidence booster in itself. Natural beauty comes in many shapes, sizes, colors; it can be your flaws, your perfections, your dimples, scars, freckles, being outside and surrounding yourself in nature. 

Natural beauty is all around us, it is the sun, the rain, flowers, trees, animals and our homes. Natural beauty is what ever you want it to be, it is an aesthetic. 

For me deciding to live naturally beautiful has been an eye opener, it just makes sense when you feel safest in nature; surrounded by flowers, by happy people, with laughter, and peace. These things are what gives me confidence and feel secure and beautiful in my skin and completely me. 

I hope you will begin to choose living naturally beautiful and find what it means to you! 





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