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It’s BIG to shop small

The holiday season is fast approaching! Can you believe it!? It feels like we are on the tenth month of March, but Hanukkah and Christmas will be here before we know it.

I have a feeling if you’re reading this you are someone who shops small business and I want to thank you for your love and support for all the small businesses you shop with. We absolutely wouldn’t exist without you. 

So with that said I want to share with you some of my BEYOND FAVORITE small businesses. I hope you will consider shopping with them this holiday season. 

The first shop I want to share with you is a new Etsy Shop called Ariels Crystal Jewelry.

Ariel and I first connected through social media over our love for vegan living. 

It’s been such a joy and inspiration to watch her grow her shop and her collection. She does all of this while literally growing her multi acre off the grid vegan homestead in California! Talk about a hard working woman!

I’ve purchased from her and I wear her earrings ALL of the time. They are a great price point and you can tell she puts all of her love into her craft. Check her out here>>>

The second shop I cannot wait to share with you is the Kind Style Shop!

Omg you guys! I’m seriously in love with everything! I love that everything is vegan and cruelty free. I also love the attention to detail! The inside of my vintage cece crossbody bag is so beautiful!

They have a wide variety of styles.

I promise there is something for everyone! They even have belts, scarves, products for men etc! You can browse all of their cruelty free goods at

And last, but definitely not least is my FAVORITE and honestly the only candles I burn in my home; A to Z Candles, LLC. You may have seen them featured on buzz feed and Scary Mommy blog. I met Amanda on Instagram when I was getting ready to open my own Etsy Shop back and 2016. We instantly became online vegan besties! The growth she has had in these few short years I’ve known her and been lucky enough to call her my friend/go to gal when I need advice about my business, is no surprise to me. She is so dedicated to her passion and craft. You will be hooked I promise you. I love that everything is vegan and leaping bunny certified cruelty free! She also donates monthly to nonprofits. I love brands that give back. Some of my favorite holiday scents are Snow Cream, Mocha Mint and Autumn Spice (it’s perfect for the entire holiday season)!

She even has some cute and sassy candles everyone will love!  

Check out her entire line of candles, wax melts, wax warmers, room sprays and more at

Thank you for choosing to shop small business. When you shop small you are helping to support a family and a dream, instead of funding another yacht for a tax exempt billionaire. Every time you shop small I promise you that person does a happy dance. Whatever you’re celebrating this year...Happy Holidays from my family to yours! 




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    This is great – and I agree – it is time to help the small stores!

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