Holiday Dress

I am in no way qualified to tell you how to dress and hate those articles that do. However I do like that they can serve as an inspiration to try wearing something I never would normally or finally dig out that dress that is hanging in the back of the closet with the tags still on. 

I have done the running around and the staying at home Christmas' and for either one I love dressing up for Christmas, because it makes me feel more festive! I tend to gravitate towards color schemes, like red and green or silver and gold, for obvious reasons. I have been on a green kick lately, even most of my photos have been turning out with a bit of a green or blue-ish hue to them. Also, I wanted to pick something out that wasn't an obvious Christmas dress, something classic, a bit casual and definitely comfortable. I picked out my green velvet dress, it has a sweetheart neckline and spaghetti straps so something to wear over it was a must! Grey is such a classic color, the little puffs on the shoulders add some feminine flare, but overall it compliments this dress the way I intended. Then to add, my Christmas tradition socks that I wear every year, but only around Christmas, which is why they have lasted me so long! It is a perfect outfit to go out or stay home in, to decorate your tree or even dance around the kitchen while you cook! 

Any sweater and dress combination is a great idea and cozy look, all while festive and fun!

If more casual is your thing and/or you are staying home check out my personal blog  for a couple more OOTD!

Happy Holiday's Loves



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