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Flower Goddess DIY

crown diy floral crown floral goddess flower child goddess halloween

I wanted to make a couple crowns for a cute look that is easy to make for Halloween and something you could potentially wear all day and not just with your costume and for future events that you may need! I felt drawn to the idea of creating one light witchy goddess look, inspired by floral crowns, Enchantress from Suicide Squad before she went full power and a bit of a wooden witch inside her. Basically I wanted a powerful magical women!

So What You Will Need to make this crown: 

Bundle of fake flowers of your choice

hot glue gun

headband; preferably one with loops

and possible string or wire for security depending on the type of headband you get.


 1. First you will want to remove the tops of the flowers from the stems. These were super easy and actually popped off, I didn't have to cut them. Maybe check to see if the flowers can easily pop off before you purchase them if you think that will be easier. Just make sure you leave a long enough stem to pop through the loops on the headband.

2. Next stick the small stem left into the loop of the headband.

3. Once you Have placed all the flowers in these loops to secure them hot glue them into place.

4. I also took some of the leaves off and added them too. I slid them off and tried to get them over the loops, which just resulted in needed more hot glue to secure them. 

5. Let it quickly dry and it is finished! That Easy!


Put on your goddess inspired dress, some boots, tons of highlight and gold earrings and proudly place your art on you head!

We hope you create one of your own this Halloween or for just because!



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