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Getting Zen

Posted by Shoshanna Nilsen on

Using crystals and sage may not be for everyone. At with love by km we love combining the healing of our all natural products that have aromatherapy benefits along with the healing that sage and crystals can offer us. Maybe you just like the way they look and don't believe in healing crystals, that is okay too. This whole box set is perfectly curated for anyone interested in getting zen, finding clarity, clearing their mind and space this year. Also it makes a great birthday gift for anyone born in February as that is their birthstone!! Inside you get a chunk of Amethyst, a white sage bundle, calm down essential oil mist, calm down essential oil roller and a lavender body butter. 


Tips to Use:

1. Light your sage and smudge your space, your aura, and set it down somewhere the ash will catch. Next Light a candle, colored candles are great for spells and different  manifestations.

2. Place your crystal next to you, on you, by your bed or in your bathwater while you bathe. Be sure to clear it and connect with it firs, which you can do by smudging it with your sage that you get!

3. Use your essential oil roller by rolling it on your wrists everyday, behind your ears, at bedtime or morning. Also great to use on key points of your body. But be sure to read which place for benefits is best according to your oils, and make sure you are allergic first too! I like to apply a bit on my lower stomach when I get cramps.

4. Your essential oil mist is great to mist your area before mediation, on your pillow at night, on your neck as a perfume or in your hair too, or even as a face mist! It is perfect to refresh with before and after a bath. As well as before and after yoga!

5. Hydrate your skin after a meditative bath with the lavender body butter, before bed, as part of your ritual to set intentions. The essential oils in the body butter act as aromatherapy just as much as the mist and oil roller. 

You may find that one, such as the essential oil mist, is best for first thing in the morning and that another, like the oil roller, is better for night time. And to get you through the day the body butter can be applied generously. Do what you feel is best for you, to get the most zen out of these products. 

 This mist and roller have a blend of  lavender, chamomile, rose and eucalyptus oils. 

Lavender is the goddess of helping you relax and melt away anxieties and stress. Chamomile is also another great oil that helps with anxieties and calming you down. Rose helps boost your confidence and self esteem which is great to battle any negative feeling that may be going on, and relax. Eucalyptus is like the holy grail of essential oils, a must have and perfect for any type of calm down blend which is why it is in this blend! 

Relaxing your body with scents, showing your skin some care and love can help ease stress and anxiety within as well. When you self care and GET ZEN you are loving yourself, and loving your skin. 

 We hope this inspires you to get your own zen spa box or give it to someone as a gift and show them that you love and care for them!




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