Fight Dry Skin!

January is the month of true winter, and we still have more cold winds ahead of us before springtime (help). One of the hardest things with skincare is keeping yourself moisturized; keeping your lips, hands and face especially from getting dried out, flaky, and cracked and finding products to fight these. Of course general eating healthy and drinking lots of water are extremely important in any extreme weather, hot or cold, but that isn't always enough. Being exposed to cold winds can cause anyone to start getting dry and cracked skin. 

With Love by KM has THE best products to fight your dry and cracked skin this winter! From body butters that are whipped and creamy, to body scrubs perfect for your lips and hands and lip balm that smells so good you want to eat it! 

You may want to first start off with using a body scrub to get rid of your dry, flaky layer of skin before using a body butter. Every body scrub and body butter come in the same scents, so if you want to get a pairing or even a box set, I would recommend that! I personally have no problem mixing my scents. I LOVE the Matcha and Mint scent, and anyone who loves matcha or green tea you should get this! I have been using the Matcha and Mint body scrub for my lips mostly because my lips are the most dried out lately. 

I just dab a bit of water on my finger tips, then into the jar and scrub my lips for a god minute, rinse it off and follow it with some lip balm! 

Another great scrub for us coffee lovers that need a boost in the morning is the refreshing Coffee and Mint scrub! A little bit of mint in anything adds a bit of a refresher and tingle!

Again this is great for all over body use, use it in the shower, on your lips, or your hands! Just target where you think you need it most or for good measure just scrub down when you can! A good part of skincare routine is a regular scrub/exfoliating to get rid of dead skin cells and make way for new ones. This keeps your cell regenerating, skin looking clearer and younger and definitely not flaky!


After exfoliating, moisturize! There are a wide range of different scents for body butters, what I have been using is the Flower Child Body Butter that smells of jasmine, lavender and rose essential oils. It is perfect for right when you get out of the shower to lock moister in as well as using on your hands throughout the day! I have been keeping this one in my bathroom as well as bringing it out with me just in case!

There is also NEW scents in stock, one being Lemon Cake! I keep this one in my room, just in case I left my Flower Child Body Butter in my purse or for when I wake up in the middle of the night and feel dried out. Also who wouldn't want to smell like dessert when going to bed?!

Hippie Dreams body butter, also has hints of lemon essential oils if you are looking for something citrus, there is a more powerful orange scent to this one. I love these whipped body butter, and you can even catch a glimpse on the process if you follow With Love by KM on Instagram because they are actually whipped, and you can tell when you use these body butters, they're extremely creamy and light!

Really everything from With Love by Km's line is great to keep your skin hydrated since it is all made with essential oils and natural ingredients like Himalayan salt and organic coconut oil, but these are just a few that I have been using. 

It is never too late to start using scrubs and body butters, especially in winter, but it is also just as healthy for your skin all year round! 

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