Feed Your Soul

Feeding your soul can be a bit of self care, ways to ground yourself, connect, and help you feel whole again after a stressful day or week or even month. They are the things that can help make you either forget or move through and heal from your pain. In a way they should be different than the ways you self care. You should always be practicing and making time for your self care routine of yoga, meditation, writing or being in nature. Feeding your soul is that extra step of care which includes the things you love, activities that are more than just sitting outside, but instead hiking or swimming, hobbies that are passions.

Things that feed my soul are the things that inspire me, which keeps me feeling connected with earth and myself, which in turn is self care assistance. I am passionate about painting, singing, french films, classic films, and reading and creating something new or gardening. These are things that I do but I don't do often enough, they aren't included in my usual self care routine because they should be things that I just incorporate daily or when possible.

I decided to do a meditation with a bunch of books that I have bought over the years that called to me and I have been wanting to read for years now but just never made the time. I smudged them, then cleared my mind and I waved my hand over them as if I was doing a card reading. Once my hand went over a specific book I knew it was the one I was supposed to start reading because I saw an immediate bright white light. The book I picked was Trilby, a classic book that I just kept putting off reading for some reason. It wasn't the book I had wanted my soul to pick but as I started reading it I realized why it was the book my soul picked. It is written in part French and part English, with a guide in the back to translate the phrases that are in French. It reminded me of why I was drawn to that language as a teenager which also sparked my memory of all the french films I love and how that is also a huge part of my soul I had forgotten about along the way. Their film-making style is so unique and story telling is unlike anything I had seen. It is apart of my soul because it was apart of my self discovery, it wasn't something anyone had introduced me to, it was something I started looking into. This is just one example of how you can feed your soul. I honestly have so many passion that feed me, like reading and learning about Chinese culture, Japanese food and ancient Asian poetry. Passions are what make us unique. They are what helps us know ourselves. This is how it all comes full circle, because knowing yourself is self awareness and that is apart of self care. Even learning and reading about all these things is part a passion of mine.

Trilby has come to me at a time when I needed it as a reminder. I didn't read it when I got it for a reason, it was meant for me to wait until now. I needed that reminder of all the little things that make me up, the parts of me that I have been neglecting and forgetting to nurture for inspiration. It is amazing how something that was once so significant can be forgotten along the way until something comes along, like this book for me, that reminds us of a string of different things that we once loved and inspired us. Trilby led me to remember one of my favorite films, A Woman is a Woman, and a band Blonde Redhead, because they are all linked by the French language. 

This has been a big lesson for me this week, to bring back aspects of my soul and feed them. I hope in some way this sparks you to remember things you were/are passionate about and suggest you to take a day to feed that part of you!





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