Current Fall Favorites

Autumn may have only begun a week ago, but most of us associate the whole month of September with the season and I honestly already have a few favorites!!

My first favorite may be a bit obvious, COFFEE! Most of us enjoy a cup or two in the mornings to get us going. Or we get our morning cup and afternoon cup. That is usually me, but I have found that I have been obsessing over needing to drink coffee in order to actually stay awake! I have two morning cups, a cup with lunch and then sometimes I have an afternoon cup! I know totally not good for my sleeping habit or my heart but I cannot stop at the moment! I was even just laying down in bed, saw someone on tv holding a cup of coffee and thought to myself, “I could use a cup right now!” Who am I? I love coffee but never consumed this much!

Now to be completely “basic” I LOVE Pumpkin Spiced Chai Tea Latte! Goodbye PSL and hello new festive favorite by all basic, white girls who are obsessed with everything being pumpkin scented and flavored, like me!


Secondly, I am obsessed with denim jackets. I almost didn’t even realize that I had become obsessed until I looked in my closet. Navy blue, black jean, and two light jean jackets, one of which I painted on the back so I am never getting rid of that one. Denim is something that I just don’t think will go out of style, as much as anyone could disagree. It has been around for years! It is a staple in fashion, LEVIS is a staple, all American brand! They go great mixing denim ( as long as they’re different shades in my opinion, lighter jacket, darker jeans), with dresses, they can be boho, grunge, punk,  or preppy. You just need to know who you’re styling them according to the way you like to dress.

Thirdly, I have been using this Foaming Face Wash from our very own Made With Love by KM! It has several essential oils, that leave your skin feel moisturized and soft after. I use it every morning and I love it!

It is all natural, vegan and cruelty free just like all of her other products, which I love. I finally made the move to switch out all my products and everything I use to be cruelty free and vegan. I had been wanting to for such a long time but never actually did the research or made the choice until a couple months ago. It honestly makes me feel better about what I am putting on my skin.

Lastly, the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack (2005 film) has been on repeat for awhile now. It is so melancholy, nostalgic, inspiring and at times simply joyous! It’s one of my go to films when I feel sad, when I am sick, or I just want to watch a romantic film. It has been really inspiring me lately so I needed to include it!

As well as Aly & Aj’s new single Take Me. They were the band for me growing up, I wanted to be them, they’re such inspiring artists and they finally put out a new song and are releasing an EP after 10 years! My inner child is beyond delighted! They both are such positive souls!

What are some of your current fall favorites?! I would love to know what you're listening to, wearing, using and eating/drinking! 


Shoshanna Elizabeth

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