Eating for Your Skin This Spring/Summer

Eating right is so important for your skin and most of us do not do it! There are reasons why we have foods in season at certain times, because they are then at the most beneficial for your skin and body to intake. Of course our grocery stores carry everything all year, but then they are being out sourced from another area or country. That doesn't mean you can't eat those fruits and veggies, however it is always lovely to shop and support local farms! 

"Eat Pretty" by Jolene Hart, who is a certified health and beauty coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, is my go to for insight with eating with each season because she breaks it down in what nutrients you are getting and what they do for your skin and why you should eat those certain fruits and veggies at the specified season. 

I am not going to be listing everything that is in this book because if you are really interested in more I want there to be information you can still get out of reading her book, and I think everyone should! I am also going to be adding in some specific one's for the Hudson Valley and foods for healthy glowy skin, which I feel like we all want this spring/summer!!



Has glutathione , which is a powerful antioxidant! Best to eat it raw or lightly steamed for highest benefits, for you skin!



 Coconut water, the meat and even some coconut oil all hold great beauty benefits for you! Coconut water is perfect for electrolytes and potassium! Both a needed balance!


 A wonderful anti-inflammatory; great for those with sensitive skin. Also containing in allicin which will protect against collagen digesting enzymes ultimately keeping your skin protected from wrinkles. " To get the most from every garlic clove, let it sit about 15 minutes after crushing or chopping to allow its powerful compounds to activate."


Full of vitamin C which is collagen boosting, but also is immune boosting -bioflavonoids, which protects and strengthens your blood vessels, keeping them from becoming varicose. Lemons are also natural diuretics! Perfect to add to your water fresh all spring/summer! 


 Full of vitamin C like lemons; eat them for collagen boosting properties. They are also anti-inflammatory which help increase the antioxidant levels in your blood, protecting your skin from signs of aging. Add some to your water with lemon slices and then eat them for a bit of snack after!

Sugar Snap Peas:

 These Peas contain 98% of your daily need of vitamin C and iron!Perfect for your hair, nails, and skin! "Defends against free radical damage to cells."



 They have such a short season, so eat them while you can when they are in season! Containing Vitamin A, which will nourish your hair, nails and help smooth your skin! Dried apricots are mostly sugar so to get the benefits of apricots eat them fresh!


 Perfect for anti-aging, boosting skin's elasticity and protection against UV damage! For best benefits eat them fresh or frozen!


They contain pigmentation molecules called anthocyanins, which will firm your skin, keep it looking youthful and protect your DNA from oxidative damage. They will also help with protecting against wrinkles and redness in your skin.


Red, yellow and orange bell peppers contain more beauty benefits than green bell peppers. Hot peppers contain the most beauty benefits and anti aging capsaicin. This property helps reduce inflammation. Eat them raw for the best benefits! 


Glowy Skin:

Sweet Potatoes:

 Full of Vitamin A, B and C. Mostly Vitamin A, which will help repair your skin and regenerate collagen. Yams do not have as many benefits as sweet potatoes, so make these your top choice!


 Rich in Vitamin C as well as, antioxidant flavinoids which help boost your immunity and absorb plant based irons. This antioxidant is found in the  pith of the orange, which is in the white membrane when you peel an orange.  


Absolutely full of silicon, an essential mineral for connective tissue, skin moisture, and elasticity. They're a great source for Vitamin K as well. wash them well or buy organic and eat with the skin on for a source of chlorophyll and Vitamin C. 


Source of Iron, surprise! It aids in healthy red blood cell production, which you want healthy hair, skin and nail beds!


 No surprises here, bananas are great for potassium! This will help with your electrolyte balance. Also, bananas have silicon like cucumbers!

Local, in the Hudson Valley:

There are tons more, I picked out a few that I didn't already include above! Here is where I got this list from...IN SEASON.

Arugula (May -Sept): protects cells from DNA damag

Beets (June-Dec): increase glutathione production: skin elasticity

Kale ( June-Nov): boosts cell turnover

Peaches (July-Sept): boosts collagen production


Benefit from all these good foods this spring and summer, get better skin and hair and overall health improvement by eating seasonally in your area!! A lot of them do overlap, but mainly fruits and citrus are Summer, peas and and root vegetables are closer to Autumn and Winter time. Incorporate them in every meal, fresh, frozen, dried or cooked! One great way to shop locally and know you are getting seasonal fruits and vegetables is to shop at a local farmer's market! 

Most towns have them in the summer, some places do have them indoors during colder months, you just have to check your area!





*disclaimer I am not a health expert or nutritionist, I just eat a plant based diet and am aware of how beneficial it is to eat seasonally and shop local for fruits and veggies.

quotes from Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart


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