Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

I want to start of this post by saying I am not in any way an official makeup artist or beauty guru. However, I do like being creative and trying new things out. Plus I am all about making up my own Halloween costume instead of spending tons of money on something I will wear once. So I came up with these two Halloween makeup looks that are great because you can even do them at the start of the day, wear to work if your job is allowing you to dress up, (cause yay for Halloween being on a Tuesday) and when you get home if you so desire to dress up and go out or whatever it is you're doing, you can! These are also really fun for those of us that don't dress up but want to do something!

All the makeup used is cruelty free, mostly e.l.f. brand, Colour Pop for lip colors and LA Colors for eye-shadow.  The makeup is also completely affordable and found in most grocery stores, drugstores and department stores! WIN WIN!

This first look is spider freckles, something that I took a little inspiration from this girl on Instagram, user name @sharondd and my own freckles on my face!

So you want to start off with your normal makeup look you do, some foundation, cover up, a bit of highlighter, and maybe your eyebrows. For your eye-shadow you want to do a mix of gold and a purple, or if you want any other darker color you have to blend in the crease of your eyelids.

Then you will want to apply your eyeliner, with a nice small wing at the end, keeping it thin as if also a spider's leg.  Now you may apply your mascara or fake lashes if you must!

Next is the fun part of putting little spider freckles all over your face! To do this you just want to do a tiny dot with your eyeliner, liquid or marker whichever you find easier, I used e.l.f. Intense Ink eyeliner, which is a marker eyeliner and has a nice point at the end. Then you want to make a couple legs coming off the body of the spider, no need to make all eight legs just about 3 or 4 will do.

I started off by covering my own freckles on my face which are on my nose, by my eye, my cheek and on my cupid's bow. Then you just want to do as much of a natural look of how freckles are, like across the bridge of your nose and cheeks. 

Lastly for you lips you’ll want to try and match your eyeshadow color. Keeping witht he purple theme for this spider look I used this creamy ColourPop satin liquid lipstick, in a lighter purple, called MARSHMALLOW. 

There you have your spidery freckled look! You can use whatever color scheme you want, I like the idea of purple and black spiders, it is very classic for most Halloween costumes, but red, green even metallic gold would look killer! I wore this makeup look with a fuzzy black sweater and black pants, and a hint of purple with the tool tied around my neck! You can wear anything with this really, or buy an actual spider costume and use this makeup look to complete it, even on your kids!


This next look is inspired by the ghost mermaid from monster high! I love seeing all these mermaid inspired makeup looks this year! There's the typical look, I have seen  zombie mermaid, skeleton mermaids, pink floral skeleton mermaids and so many others. In case you didn’t know I am obsessed with everything mermaids so I had to do this look!

For this look you want to start off with just your foundation and cover up, no highlighter, contour, bronzer, brows, or whatever else you use. ESPECIALLY  DO NOT FILL YOUR BROWS IN! We are going to do something fun with our brows! To help cover up my brows I used a big of my under-eye highlighter from e.l.f. since its white, but it would be easier if you glued down your brows first. To fill in your brows you will want to use a blue eyeliner to create these sort of fins as your eyebrows to give yourself more of mermaid look. If you didn't glue down your brows exaggerate your brows to make the fins visible or you can just fill your brows in with this blue eyeliner. 

Next you are going to take a bit of white eye-shadow and highlight your cupids bow, your nose and the space between your brows in an upward motion. Then to do your eyelids, start of with the white all over, then build off of it in the crease a bit of green and blue. Followed by eyeliner and then mascara.

These colors are going to be the main point of our look. Next step is to take a pair of fishnet stockings and place them over your head, silly and weird looking but it works. Take a bit of the blue and use that on your cheek bones, like you're highlighting your face with blue shadow. The blend in the green just below the blue, followed by the white. Do this on both cheeks to create a scale cheek look, for your mermaid. Then take what is leftover on your brush and very lightly highlight the rest of your face, that has no powder with it. That would be your chin, forehead and everywhere else just a bit of blending it all in. You want to do this because it is a ghostly mermaid look, so instead of how people doe just a couple of scales you want your whole face to have this sort of blue hue to it! And that is it! 


To read about another look I did head over to my blog where I turned myself into Lagoona Blue! sheonlywearsboots.wordpress.com/2017/10/30/lagoona-blue/

And for any other last minute Halloween makeup ideas:


If any of you try these looks tag us in the photos, we want to see your Halloween looks! (both @withlovebykm and @marsmermaids)

Have a Happy Halloween!!

-Shoshanna Elizabeth

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