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DIY Pumpkin Coffee Face Mask

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Now is the perfect time to treat yourself and your skin to the purely perfect benefits of pumpkin! This year we have conjured our own recipe for a deep, exfoliating face mask, with organic pumpkin puree and our loved pumpkin spice latte scrub! The scrub has apricot oil in it which moisturizes your skin and brown sugar, which along with the enzymes from the pumpkin puree help break down dead skin cells. The coffee from the scrub then lifts dead skin cells as well, gently enough for even the most sensitive skin. Our previous post explains some great benefits from the coffee for your skin, which you can read here. Last year we shared a post about the great benefits your skin receives from pumpkin both internally and externally, which you can read here!  


What you need:

2 TBS of organic pumpkin puree

1 TBS of pumpkin spice latte scrub

spoon and bowl for mixing



1. mix the pumpkin puree and scrub together well.

2. apply to face as desired, do small circular motions with fingertips to exfoliate a bit. 

3. Leave on face for about 15-20 minutes.

4. Rinse with warm water!


It is super easy and refreshing, plus it smells amazing!!


We also know that you will most likely have tons of pumpkin puree left over, so we found a great pumpkin butter recipe you can use or use it in any other baking you feel, just don't let it go to waste!

Happy Autumn!

Pumpkin Butter




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