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Crystal Crown DIY

crown crystal crown diy halloween halloween diy

Happy Halloween Spooks! Crystal crowns are much sought after but you can easily make your own for this Halloween's look, with some witchy, dark aesthetic behind it! Or you can make it lighter, picking whatever crystals you want!

Here is what you will need 

Crown Materials:

crystals of various and desired colors

wrapping wire 

a headband


circle clasps

Most of this stuff is found in the jewelry section of Michael's!

Step 1:

Wire wrapping the crystals

Take your wire and loop one crystal through to the end. I found it easiest to leave the wire still on the spool and just pull it out far.

Once the crystal is on the wire then wrap it around the crystal twice to secure it in place better. Take the next crystal, pull it through the wire until it is next the first crystal then wrap twice. Repeat this until all your crystals are on the wire and wrapped twice into place. 

Then take the remainder of the wire and wrap it alternating around the middle of each crystal for more security and firmness. Cut the end bit off from the spool and do the same with the remainder until what you have left is a horizontal of wire wrapped crystals. 

Step 2:

Attaching Crystals to the Crown

Depending on what type of headband you get this step may differ. 

My headband has a circular pattern on it, so I looped a long piece of the same wire wrap, through the underside of part of the crystal that was wrapped in the first step and then through the circle on the headband. 

Once you pull through coming from the underside loop it through the headband and then the wire on the crystals again. continue this step to the end of the crystals. Then take the remainder of the wire or cut another piece and just wrap it around both the middle section of the crystals and the head band until you finish the whole thing. 

This step, of just wrapping the wire around both the crystals and headband to attach the crystals may be the only step if you have a plain, metal headband. If that is the case I would suggest doing it twice or more to really make sure it is secure.


 Last Step:

Finishing touches

Really making sure the crystals are secure is important, so wrap around both sets and the headband. Then you can add a bit of a chain to loop over you forehead if you would like. Just take a necklace chain and attach it to the headband with some circular hoop clasps. 


Here is the finished look!




Let us know if you tried either this or our previous Flower Crown for this Halloween! These are also perfect for any concept photo shoot or look too! Not just for Halloween!

They were so easy and fun to make too!





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