Christmas Favorites and Traditions

With Christmas comes lots of traditions, new and old, and your favorite things to do leading up to Christmas!! Sometimes it isn't possible to do everything each year because life happens. However that doesn't mean you don't enjoy them or miss and cherish those traditions and favorite things! 

Here are a few of my favorite Christmas things and traditions!


I tend to start listening to Christmas music as soon as Halloween is over and don't stop until after the New Year:) My favorite Christmas songs/albums:

Silent Night 

Any Elvis Christmas- specifically Blue Christmas

Christmas Time is Here

Sweet Little Jesus Boy- Rebecca St James

Any She & Him rendition of a Christmas song is always amazing

Not this Year- Aly & Aj


I love watching classics as well as newer Christmas films and even the cheesy Hallmark ones so here are a couple of my favorites! 

A Princess for Christmas - which is a very typical "someone falls in love with a royal on accident" type film, but this one is fun and Katie McGrath is beautiful!

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas - I think this is on most people's favorite list, I love watching this one closer to Christmas day. Yes I used to make a list and watch films in a certain order, I am weird! This year though my son decided to put it on before Halloween! So I kind of already watched it but plan on watching it again!

The Year Without Santa Clause - The main reason I love this film, or reason why I started to watch it is because Mickey Rooney voices Santa and I absolutely love Mickey Rooney! Then the song between Heat Miser and Snow Miser is fantastic.



Growing up my family would always gather around before bed time and do our advent calendar, read the scripture that went along with that night and then read a chapter from One Wintry Night by Ruth Graham. The artwork in this book is so detailed and amazing, one of the reason's my mother bought it for us and we all loved it. This is a tradition I want to continue because ti honestly doesn't feel much like Christmas without reading it. It is funny how there are traditions you miss and some you don't. This is definitely one I miss. 


Putting up our Christmas tree is an obvious one, but I remember most years we would put it up the beginning of November so it would be up for Thanksgiving to make that holiday feel festive, then then first or second week we would put up the rest of our decorations! When do you put up your tree? 

What are some of your favorite Christmas songs, films and or traditions? I would love to know! Comment below!




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