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BTS Summer Shoot

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 So often we can pass through a town and look for the touristy places to snap a photo, and even just going through our own local town, I was looking at it with new eyes. Eyes that zeroed in on perspective, backdrops that could be visualized in a photo. I haven't set foot into town for months, almost a year even, and taking in all the new stores and paint jobs was wonderful! Kathleen already had several spots in mind, but we were also going on the fly with places to stop for this summer beauty shoot!


*Marlo, the photographer, Madison, model, Kathleen, owner

*what Marlo captured here

These delicious scents that are taking over summer, like Lemon Cake, Key Lime Pie and Pink Lemonade were not made on the fly. Every blend and scent Kathleen creates, comes with great thought, as well as trial and error, in order to provide everyone with the best scents for her products! For example, the small detail of creating the pink lemonade lip balm's deep hue from beet root powder! It is such a small detail, but she could have easily left it colorless. 

It was different to work on capturing moments that were behind the scenes, instead of being the photographer or model, which I am used to for my own photos. I felt that my placement was a big part of that, which is why I am so in love with this bts shot. Details and small seconds that most people miss are the things I tend to zero in on in everyday life, so it felt so natural to work this angle instead of the ladder. It is a whole new perspective to work with and I found it very beautiful to work on getting moments between Marlo, Madison and Kathleen , to show how they work together, to showcase a whole background. Most people have a vision going into a shoot, this I went in blind, not knowing where we were going. I did however, have in mind the way I wanted to shoot. 

Coming down to the water was one of our favorite locations for this shoot, as a collective. The waves were choppy, the winds was picking up, but the water was glistening perfectly in the golden hour. Watching the way these two work was teachable for me. Madison has this calm but  storminess about her with her strong brows and a natural talent for poses, she was easy to work with and Marlo fed right off of it, getting every angle and shot to turn out perfectly. Marlo's wit makes her the most comfortable person to be around and have photographing you. 

*my BTS shot

*what marlo captured

*bts location

*marlo's, one of our favorites!


Looking forward to working with these ladies again for more BTS photos and blog posts!

If you're interested in anything specific that is behind the scenes let me or Kathleen know in the comments below or on our Instagram's!!

With Love by Km , the store/Kathleen

Shoshanna Elizabeth , my account

Also Follow our lovely ladies,

Marlo, Our photographer

Madison, our model 





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