Autumn Is Here Early!

A magical piece about Autumn is that it is the ending of things. May holds magic because it is the birth of new life; flowers poke through, planting season begins and the snow is officially gone. It is the time of new beginnings, fresh starts, cleaning and making space in home and in your life. There is a magic in fall too, it starts just at the end of August as we start to see the back to school supplies; notebooks and planners to start getting for the New Year, Halloween decor comes out, and all our favorite scents. The magic this time is a bit different however. Because as Autumn comes it is the dying out of things. We finish reaping the last of harvests, flowers wither and brown, animals finish hibernation preparations and we cozy ourselves up in scarves and hats. It isn't so much the dying part as it is still a continuation of thanksgiving for the magic we did have all Spring and Summer. It's the season to keep in mind all the beauty we beheld and to carry that in our thoughts as we enter the bitter cold nights that lead to frost and snow. It is the polar opposite of Spring which is why it is just as much a favorite season. We have come full circle and the cycle will begin again.

Autumn magic is part of the balance to seasons and life.  As things begin we release and as things end, we release again. This is to help make room in one’s self. Our space we live in usually reflects ourselves. So when you are starting over you don’t want your space crowded with things from before. This is how easily a beginning and an ending can be together.  It is a bit of a perspective thing which is why Autumn should be seen with magic just as Spring is. Both are a beginning or an ending.

 Colors of red, orange, yellow and earthy brown take over. the air smells fresh and crisp, maybe a bit spicy depending on who lives nearby. Everything comes in pumpkin spice and there are leaves everywhere.  Autumn may not actually be here just yet, unfortunately, but it is here early for some and for us we hold Autumn all year long.


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Let us know what you're favorite parts of Autumn are!




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