A Guide to Spring: Room to Bloom

In order for us to bloom we must have a bit of gloom. The gloom I wrote about at the start of the month is not this same gloom. This gloom is the kind of hardships we each have in different ways. The gloom of pain, sickness, heartache, etc. The gloom that makes us human for going through life and each being different because of it. This is the gloom that we all must go through and cannot fight no matter what we may try, because it is inevitable. If we want to grow, change and better ourselves we must first suffer a bit of pain to really grasp and see the beauty in life and in ourselves. We need to see that strength that we have, that we may forget about at times. Through gloom we must find ways to allow room for growth. We do not want to dwell on ourselves, on our past, on our problems and allow them to take over. Of course you are allowed to feel your emotions, your situations are valid and everyone has hardships. The problem is when you use it as an excuse to not grow, as an excuse for bitter behavior or feeling sorry for oneself. I have been learning a lot about blooming through gloom, both in my life and through others and reading what everyone's take is on it. 


Allow yourself room to bloom within your gloom. 


5 Ways to Allow Room to Bloom:


1. Read/listen to Something Motivational

This can be a podcast, a video on YouTube, Ted Talks, or a chapter a day from a biography or other motivational book. Either way include it into your day, especially when you are struggling. I like to start my day with something inspirational such as Nikki Phillippi's Tea Talk videos on YouTube, but they are also in podcast form. She has such powerful messages that really make you stop and reflect, and it is all such casual conversations too.



2. Journal

I write a lot. I have always turned to journaling when I am trying to analyze my feelings, and to get anything out of my system. I have found however that writing positive messages for yourself helps best in a hardship verses writing all the problems you are going through in a negative way. There is a difference between complaining with your words and just stating what is going on. I like to include in my journal entries things I am thankful for! This is a way to put the positive in perspective and more in your life instead of putting a lot of negative out there.

One thing I heard, from Nikki's talk, is that the conversation you have with yourself is the one you have with the world so make sure it is a positive one. The believe the same goes with writing. 




3. Make Lists


A great way, especially for us list makers, to feel better is to write everything that you DID DO! This is so much more satisfying to look at the end of the day verses looking at all the things you didn't get to yet. This is something I have been practicing, because as a mom I do A LOT of things that I don't put down on my list. As women who work from home, run our own business, are also mom's or just lead busy lives, we all tend to do a great deal. It is amazing how many things we can get done in the morning that aren't on our daily to do list.



4. Meditate

I cannot push this enough. Meditation has helped me the most out of all of these things. I first started off meditating everyday for the length of my son's nap and now I do it at least once a week, or as often as needed. Mediating and journaling are a perfect match for each other because they both help you become more aware of yourself and others. This in turn can help you with things like knowing when you need to meditate verses when you know you can get through the day without it. It is a great form of self love and can help you work on balance. I tend to find that when I make the time to meditate for an hour, I get more done in the day verses when I don't meditate. 




5. Go Outside

Fresh air has always been a go to for me in feeling better. Whether it is from a cold, anxiety,  or stress, it has a way of filling up more than just my lungs. It is such a great way to refocus your thoughts, feel grounded, and when it starts getting warm out like it is, its even better to combine several of these! 

I love going outside to journal and meditate! 

Also remember the Sun is a great way to soak up some Vitamin D which is so important for our energy levels, health both mental and physical! 



What are some things you love to do to help yourself bloom and grow!!??




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