A Guide to Spring: Fight Gloom

Spring weather is all over the place. We have plenty of gloomy weather days, the occasional snow fall(depending where you live too) and some warmer sunshine days! All in all it is a motivating season and there are days, like when it rains and snows, that gloom sets in. It becomes unmotivating when all you want are warm, sunny days spent outdoors and instead you are dressed for winter, with a chill to your bones and finding it difficult to move around the house or go to work.

Here are five easy and simple ways, that I came up with and found what helps me to FIGHT that GLOOM

  1. Bring your garden indoors! Buy potted plants, succulents, floral arrangements of any kind that you love and put them around your home while you await the blooming of your garden.
  2. LIsten to something upbeat! Rainy days tend to have us hitting that sad playlist on spotify, so instead put on something that makes you want to dance and maybe actually dance around a bit!
  3. Get dressed! This helps so much, making up your appearance can help your brain feel alive. When you get yourself dressed in sweats it'll be more of a call back to bed.
  4. Clean! I find that if i start cleaning as soon as I have my coffee it motivates me to move the rest of my day, plus it'll help warm you up too. Get  started on your spring cleaning!
  5. Make donations! After you have spent hours spring cleaning your cupboards, shelves and closet take all of your canned goods, books and clothing that you don't want or wear anymore and donate them to women’s shelters, prisons, libraries, food pantries, or any local place that takes these things in. There are so many people in need and instead of donating them to some place like goodwill, not to diss them, but personally I think it is better to make donations to places like shelters where they will be giving them to someone in need as opposed to charging someone who is in need. It will feel so good knowing you just gave things to someone who has less.

Let us know some ways that you fight gloom or if you try any of these!

Looking ahead to blooming!



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