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Feed Your Soul

Feeding your soul can be a bit of self care, ways to ground yourself, connect, and help you feel whole again after a stressful day or week or even ...

Magic of May

I have been loving the magic of the Earth, everything turning bright green, waking up each morning to see how much taller my plants have grown just...

A Guide to Spring: Room to Bloom

In order for us to bloom we must have a bit of gloom. The gloom I wrote about at the start of the month is not this same gloom. This gloom is the k...

Our Story

"Before I started this business I was making my own vegan skincare products for my husband and I. I have incredibly sensitive skin and I try to live a non toxic life as much as possible. I was very disappointed when searching for products that were vegan, cruelty free, non toxic and truly natural. Finally I decided that I was going to be the change I wished to see. I began creating my own products so I knew exactly what was in them. It is very important what we put onto our skin as it gets absorbed into our bodies. Now my mission is to bring these products to all of you and to empower you to feel beautiful naturally! I launched our Etsy shop madewithlovebykm June 18th 2016 and by September of that year we were featured in Viva Glam Magazines Natural Beauty Roundup for their September issue! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to now launch our own dot com! I have spent a long time developing my Skincare Line and my brand to bring you quality products that you can trust because they not only work, but they are not harmful to you, the animals or the environment. It warms my heart to know that my products are changing people's lives just as they have changed mine. Thank you for supporting me, together we are showing the world that Beauty is Natural."

Kathleen Morse, CEO