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Cacao Benefits

Cacao Benefits

We all love chocolate, or at least most of do. The end result of fermented cacao is chocolate or coco but at a cost of loosing all the benefits tha...
Crystal Crown DIY

Crystal Crown DIY

Happy Halloween Spooks! Crystal crowns are much sought after but you can easily make your own for this Halloween's look, with some witchy, dark aes...
Flower Goddess DIY

Flower Goddess DIY

I wanted to make a couple crowns for a cute look that is easy to make for Halloween and something you could potentially wear all day and not just w...

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“Before I started this business I was making my own skincare products for my husband and I. It all started because I was very disappointed when searching for products that were non toxic, vegan and cruelty free. Finally I decided that I was going to be the change I wished to see. I began creating my own products so I knew exactly was in them. Now my mission is to bring these products to all of you and to empower you to feel beautiful naturally. It is very important what we put onto our skin as it gets absorbed into our bodies. I want to bring you quality products that you can trust because they not only work, but they are not harmful to you, the animals or the environment. I truly hope you will give my products a try. I promise you will love them and feel good about using them. This world needs less cruelty so why not start with your skincare.”

Kathleen Morse